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Northern Highbush Blueberries:

Early season


Gives middle-size berries, sweet flavour, slightly tart and suitable for transport.
Average yield of 8 kg per plant, half of it can be picked up during the first harvest, one of the earliest of all blueberries.


Blooms late (avoids damage from late Spring frosts) but ripens early – after 18th July. Big berries, very tasty, suitable for mechanical harvest, yields up to 6kg per plant.


Average size berries with good taste, suitable both for direct consumption and processing, perfect berries for transporting and freezing. Early cultivar, its fruits ripen from mid-July, highly suitable for mechanical harvesting, extremely appreciated variety due to the regular and high yield.


A self-fertile blueberry plant with large, light blue, sweetly flavoured berries. Extend the fruiting season by several weeks. This variety is perfect for patio or kitchen garden and looks amazing with its sweetly scented creamy white flowers and fiery crimson autumn foliage. The plant size up to 180cm (70.9in) in height and spread up to 180cm (70.9in). Hardy shrub and needs to be in a sun or semi shade position. 


Very big, tasty and aromatic berries. Fruits start ripening towards the end of July. The yield potential is 4.5-9.0 kg per plant. Regarded as resistant to Phytophthora cinnamomi.



New introduction from Oregon Blueberry Farms.

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Early / mid season



A midseason variety with very good firmness. The Osorno blueberry maintains its firmness even in high heat conditions. Also notable is that Osorno blueberries have a balanced acid to sugar ratio.



This variety has a compact habit, ripens early to mid-season, is highly productive as a young plant, and has outstanding quality fruit. Draper has exceptionally firm berries and concentrated ripening periods. The fruit has excellent post-harvest color retention and superior shelf life.

Mid season


Big berries of very good quality, suitable for manual and mechanical harvesting. Very tasty, good for both direct consumption and storing. Fruit ripens at the beginning of August. High yields, 4-9 kg per plant. Very tolerant to late Spring frosts.


Very big berries, tasty and firm. High yields, ripens in 4-6 weeks time.


A hardy, large 1/2" hybrid blueberry which forms a broad mounded shrub, excellent fall color, produces bumper crops of sweet mild flavour. All blueberries require highly acidic soils, excellent drainage and a good mulch plant with plenty of peat moss.
This variety is a small shrub that is typically grown for its edible qualities. It produces clusters of blue round berries which are usually ready for picking in mid summer. The berries have a sweet taste and a juicy texture. The berries are most often used for fresh eating, cooking, baking and preserves.



New introduction from Oregon Blueberry Farms.

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Legacy is a very interesting variety - across between Southern and Northern Highbush. It ripens Mid-Late season, the productivity is very high, the berries are consistently medium to large with a very superior flavour and sweetness, and with very good shelf life. The plant is vigorous,  upright and with good disease resistance.


Big berry size. Good for direct consumption and processing. Fruits gathered in big clusters are easy for picking. Consistent and high yields

Pink Blueberry

The perfect variety for fresh eating and baking, because of the high sugar content. A jam or jelly made from Pink Lemonade blueberries delivers a familiar flavor, with an unconventional color. The variety is relatively new to the berry market. Upon first glimpse, they give the illusion of an unripened blueberry, but with one taste the super sweet and tangy flavor proves that they are unlike any traditional blueberry.

New Hanover®

New Hanover® cultivar was developed by Jim Ballington from the University of North Carolina. New Hanover® is a mid-season variety requiring 500-600 hours of chilling. It produces remarkably high yields, but that is not its only advantage: the quality of its fruit is also excellent, both in terms of firmness, size and flavour, and shelf life is very good.


BlueGold is a mid-season, cold-hardy variety with high production and superior fruit quality. The berries are very firm, flavorful and evenly sized with a small recessed scar. Because of its concentrated ripening, BlueGold blueberries are economical for hand and mechanical harvest.

Top Hat

A compact 2-ft plant that produces firm, dusky blue fruit that ripens in late season and is ideal for baking. Hardy to zone 5-7. Zone. Hardiness zone ranges are provided for all perennial plants and you should always choose plants that fall within your range.

mid / Late season



Liberty blueberries are a late season, fast growing, upright bush and has performed well in Oregon and Western Washington. This variety blueberries are slightly flat, sky-blue in color, and have a balanced appealing flavor. High temperatures during harvest of the Liberty blueberry can result in soft fruit.

Late season


Requires strong pruning to maintain high quality fruits and a constant high yield. Berries ripen from the beginning of September to mid-October. Perfectly suitable for mechanical harvesting and can be kept long in a cold store; extremely high yielding.



This is a new blueberry cultivar of primarily Vaccinium corymbosum. It’s a highly productive cultivar with excellent fresh fruit quality. Plants of this variety are vigorous and upright. Its canes are numerous and moderately branched and the fruit are well exposed.


Big, aromatic and tasty fruits, manual harvesting recommended. The berries transport well. Ripening begins in August. worth growing due to its late time of ripening, cold hardiness and good quality fruit.


A late season blueberry variety, bearing large, light blue fruits on sturdy upright bushes. Brigitta fruits ripen towards the end of August with a crisp texture that makes them ideal for freezing as well as eating fresh from the bush. The plant is hardy shrub, ideal for patio or kitchen garden. Needs to be placed in a sun or semi shade position. Heights up to 180cm (70.9in) and spreads Up To 180cm (70.9in).

Very Late season



One of the latest ripening Highbush varieties. Berries are on average about 25% larger than Elliott with a slightly darker color. Aurora blueberries are often more resistant to cracking and shriveling than Elliott and as a result, it can be allowed to hang longer, and develop better flavor.

Southern Highbush Blueberries:


Georgia-1797 TH-1797

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Early Duchess TH-1334

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Firm, big, round, blue berries which are very tasty. Chilling time at least 400 hours at the temperature below 7°C. An early cultivar, thoroughly verified, deemed extremely reliable. Until recently considered the most important blueberry cultivar for warm climate.


Gladiator® TH-1872

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Tropical Blue TH-1993

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Georgia Dawn™ 

Georgia Dawn™ is most valuable for the very early ripening of the variety. The plants have good vigour and very good fruit quality.

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Sweet Duchess TH-1321

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Maverick TH1493.png

Maverick TH-1493

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