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Georgia Dawn™ 

If you need a really early ripening blueberry, then Georgia Dawn is the best variety we can offer! The plants are vigorous and the fruit is excellent. 
Georgia Dawn has an upright and strong growing habit with a narrow crown. The flowering starts early (February/March in Georgia, USA) and the first pick April/early May (in Georgia, USA). It needs 300 to 400 chilling hours (temp under 7°C) and the reported yield is 18-20 tons/hectare. It’s suitable for high-density planting.
The berries are with good firmness and small fruit scar. The colour of the berries is blue to light blue and the size is mid to large (14-20mm). The flavour is excellent and ideal for the fresh market. Brix measured on average 13.9%.
Georgia Dawn is a great choice for the very early season blueberry variety. 


Very Early Season Variety


Download our Georgia Dawn™ Factsheet

Plant characteristics

  • Upright, vigorous with narrow crown

  • 7-12 days earlier than Star

  • Early flowering – February/March (in Georgia, USA)

  • Ripening late April/early May (in Georgia, USA)

  • 300-400 chilling hours (Temperature under 7C°)

  • Reported yield: 18-20 tons / hectare

  • Suitable for high-density planting

Fruit characteristics

  • Mid-Large berry size, typically 14-20mm

  • Good fruit scar and good firmness

  • Blue to light blue colour berries

  • Excellent flavour – ideal for fresh market

  • Brix measured on average of 13.9%

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