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Premium Blueberry

Plants365 is proud and excited to present what we think is the future of blueberries - the variety Titanium "OBF0622". This Premium variety was bred by Oregon Blueberry Farms and Nursery, Oregon USA.

It has an exceptional fruit quality, berries that can travel and store really well and on top they have an amazing sweet-tart flavour! Take a look below for all its characteristics.

Early Season Variety

Download our TITANIUM® 'OBF0622' Factsheet

Plant characteristics

  • Upright, semi-compact, red wood, vigorous

  • Harvest from mid to end July, 50% ripe date 20th July

  • Two days earlier than Draper in Silverton, USA

  • Typical bloom date: 1st week April to end April inSilverton, Oregon, USA

  • 1000+ chilling hours

  • Reported yield: 20 tons / hectare

  • Machine harvestable

Fruit characteristics

  • Large berry size, typically 17-20mm, similar to Draper

  • Light blue colour, sweet-tart flavour

  • Crisp when eaten fresh

  • Uniform ripening

  • Exceptional post-harvest quality, ideal for fresh market

  • Can be used as good for IQF, processing and Pick
    Your Own

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