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Summer Raspberry

Glen Ample

High-yielding, mid season variety with large, deep red, berries. This is easy for all to grow and maintain plants. Ideal for patio and kitchen garden, as well as for wildlife gardens. Needs to be in full sun position and height up to 150cm (59.1in) and spread up to 50cm (19.7in).


Vigorous, strong variety with long fruiting laterals. Sweet and delicious, traditional raspberry flavour. Medium to large , dark but firm berries. Transports very well. Can be used for both fresh and processing market.


Gives tasty, medium to large dark red fruit. Once was the most planted variety in the world – now is still the main variety for processed fruit.

Glen Lyon

An early-mid season variety. The cane is spine-free and produces heavy crops of beautiful glossy fruit, moderate in size. The fruit is firm, with a good acidic raspberry flavour. It’s orange-red in colour, has a round to slightly conical shape, has a good shelf life and is good for freezing. Lyon has a good disease resistance to aphid virus, cane botrytis and leaf spot virus. 


Productive cultivar, recommended for fresh fruit production. Very good for processing due to favorable chemical composition of fruit. The two-year-old canes bear fruits, plant of moderately vigorous growth. It produces moderate amounts of one-year-old canes and root suckers. Loose flower clusters, fruit-bearing canes are medium-sized. Large and conical-shaped fruits, slightly shiny red in color. Attractive appearance, firm and excellent flavor.



Large to very large fruits, size comparable with that of Tulameen. High fruit firmness, easily transportable with a good shelf life. Fruits have an attractive light red colour, which does not darken after picking. The berries release easily from the receptacle thus allowing efficient picking.

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Malling Promise

This is a well established variety that has a firm favourite with gardeners abundant and vigorous, early fruiting variety with thorny stems. The large, rosy red fruits are long and firm with a good flavour, ready for harvest in early summer. Heavy cropping, virus resistant and tolerant of poor soils, ideal for all purpose use. Self fertile. 


Standard variety for the fresh market throughout the world. It has a large fruit with an excellent flavour and shelf life. Bears high yields.

Autumn Raspberry

All Gold

Good variety with large, yellow fruits with an even more exquisite flavour than traditional raspberries. Harvested from late August until mid October. Perfect for patio containers or gardens with limited space, positioned in full sun. A hardy shrub plant with height up to 150cm (59.1in) and spread up to 50cm (19.7in).



Raspberry Yummy is a new compact variety that is exceptionally easy to grow and maintain. It is multi-branching and grows really low – only up to 60cm in height and 45cm spread, therefore it does not require any support at all! Yummy will start giving you big crops of tasty deep red raspberries in the first year after planting.

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The customers' favourite plant! One of the best autumn-fruiting raspberry introductions in recent years with up to 2.5kg of large, deep-red berries with a deliciously sweet flavour. Can be harvested from late July through to October. Height up to 150cm (59.1in) and spread up to 50cm (19.7in), hardy shrub plant good for patio, kitchen garden and wildlife gardens. Full sun position.

Autumn Bliss

Early season, 2-3 weeks before Heritage. Large, medium sized, slightly dark firm berries. Good fruit quality at the beginning of the season, which deteriorates towards the end of the harvest season. Regarded as resistant to Phytphthora cinnamomi.


Everbearing red raspberry with berries that have good flavour, firmness and size. This bush has two harvest seasons, with a moderate yield in July and heavy yield in September until frost. Self-fertile, dark red raspberry that spreads fast and produces a crop in the first year.


Perfect variety that brings 3 kilos of fruit per plant, per season!
Autumn and summer fruiting, ideal for those with limited space. Needs to be in full sun position, suitable for patio, kitchen garden and wildlife gardens. It’s a hardy shrub with height up to 150cm (59.1in) and spread Up To 50cm (19.7in).

Fall Gold

Оutstanding, everbearing variety with very sweet and flavorful, large, golden-yellow berries, great for fresh eating, preserves and freezing. This variety can be mowed after harvest in the fall and will bear good crops the following summer without staking.


Large, medium-firm to firm, shiny, attractive glowing red, fruit size hardly diminishing until the end of the harvest season. The berries are easily plugged so can be picked very efficiently.

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