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The perfect variety for patio and kitchen garden. It’s a hardy perennial plant that height up to 60cm (23.6in) and spread up to 120cm (47.2in). Rhubarb Livingstone is British-bred, using traditional methods to eliminate its natural summer dormancy - so you can harvest one crop in spring and another one in autumn. The plant produces succulent pink stems which are virtually stringless, with an excellent flavour. Once established, this disease resistance variety will produce superb yields.


Raspberry Red

A recent rhubarb cultivar producing high quality deep red and thick stalks without the need for forcing. It’s a relatively early cropper and it has a deliciously sweet flavour. Ideal for well-drained areas of the vegetable garden and once planted, it should not be moved. The plant is hardy perennial and heights up to 60cm (23.6in) and spreads up to 120cm (47.2in). Needs to be planted in a sun or semi shade position.



A mid-season variety with an exceptionally high yield of tasty thick green stalks – up to 5kg per crown when mature. The red stalks are thick, but not tough or stringy with an excellent flavour. Typically the plants height up to 90-120cm.

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