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Early season


This variety has large, long and bright red berries, easy to pick and with a good smell and nice taste. The Alba plant is very strong and immune to almost all common diseases. 


This variety has strong, shiny and large to very large fruits. The plants are highly tolerant for mildew and therefore a good choice for covered cultivation. The variety is susceptible to colletotrichum and has a good yield. The strawberry plants have beautiful, large flowers and excellent pollen.


Ananasa or as it is also known as Pineberry is a white strawberry cultivar with a pineapple-like flavor and red seeds. The fruits are smaller than a common strawberry, measuring between 15 to 23 mm (0.6 to 0.9 in) and the plant is disease resistant.


If you want dark-red strawberries that are easy to pick, this is the right variety for your garden. The fruit flesh is beautiful red, juicy and very tasty with a good aroma. This is a very productive strawberry variety - the yield is large and healthy.


A heavy cropping mid-season variety with great disease resistance. Ready to pick from June to early July, Honeoye is perfect for making your own jams or for freezing to enjoy when out of season.
Planting tips: plant at least 12 inches (30 cm.) apart in rows that are 4 feet (1.2 m.) apart. The middle of the crown of the plant should be even with the soil. The first year you can’t expect a harvest. The big red berries will start appearing the following spring and continue producing for the next four or five years.


Variety that produces berries with beautiful fruit shape, good fruit size and nice taste. Due to its firmness, Romina has a good shelf life. Scientific research shows that the variety has extremely high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants.

Mid season


The fruits of this variety are large, juicy, bright to dark red with a bit of a neck under the calyx. Although Asia is tolerant against most common root-diseases, the variety is susceptible to mildew and colletotrichum. The plant gives very good yield and can be used in several growing systems. Especially suitable for table-top systems. Easy and fast to pick.


Developed by Albert Konings / Gebr. Vissers and tested and improved since 1998, this plant produces berries that have a beautiful bright red colour and are especially delicious. The storage ability and the shelf life are very good. It is a strong and healthy plant, characterized by a very high percentage of class 1 fruits.


One of the most cultivated varieties, in spring and autumn cultivation, in tunnels and open fields. Excellent summer production (at the end of July, August and September), obtained with tray plants in cool areas. The plant outshines with very high picking performances, pretty nice fruits with large size, high productivity and good commercial value. 

Cambridge Favourite

One of the most widely grown of all British strawberry varieties. The plant is a resilient, mid-season specimen which thrives as well in a patio pot, as it does in a vegetable plot, making it the perfect fruit plant to grow where space is limited. Easy and tolerant to care for with juicy red-orange fruits with deliciously sweet flavouring and gorgeous texture.


Very firm strawberry variety with a good shelf life. The high production, firmness and long shelf life of the fruit make this variety extremely suitable for both the grower and the trade. The large fruits have a good flavour with a strong strawberry aroma.

Senga Sengana

This is an old, but still highly appreciated variety. The fruit is dark red, as well as the flesh and has a good, aromatic taste.The plant is a bit sensitive to verticillium, but is susceptible to rot.


This variety ripens a few days later than Elsanta and the harvest is longer. The yield is also higher, with the percentage of small or deformed fruits being very low. Elegance is susceptible to mildew, phytophthora cactorum, verticillium and must be protected against it.



The funny thing about this variety is that it looks like a strawberry, but tastes like a raspberry! It’s an easy to grow, compact plant, great for containers. Pollinator friendly flowers in late spring. Hardy perennial plant with height up to 20cm (8in) and spread up to 20cm (8in).

Late season


Late variety that can be grown on fields that have been used for growing strawberries before. The yield is good, the berries are large and nicely shaped with good taste.


A high quality, very late season variety (at least 7 days later than Record). Fruits are glossy and dark red having excellent flavor with high Brix readings. Berries are large and hold berry size well through the season. Regular pickings are suggested to maintain fruit firmness. With its very vigorous growth habit. The plant shows resistance to mildew as well as tolerance to Verticillium wilt and red stele. An excellent variety to extend the strawberry season.



This plant is resistant against rain. The fruits are next to beautiful, glossy and fresh, also very uniform. The skin is firm, which is noticeable during long storage. The yield is equal to Florence. The flower trusses are long which makes the fruit easy to pick. The variety has a good resistance strong against verticillium and phytophthora.


The ideal plant for a late season harvest, producing delicious sweet strawberries from the end of June to the end of July. A prolific cropper with exceptional pest and disease resistance. The variety is well suited to growing in containers for a space saving crop on the patio.



This variety is best known for its fruits - uniformly conical shape, bright red color, reliable firmness, and surprisingly sweet taste. The plants grow quickly to about 12 inches (30.5 cm.) in height, with a spread of 12 to 24 inches (30.5-61 cm.). High yielding and everbearing. Albion plants are hardy down to USDA zone 4 and can be grown as perennials in zones 4-7, but are very tolerant of heat and humidity and can be grown in much hotter climates, existing as evergreens in frost-free areas.


A strong day-neutral strawberry variety from California. Fruit is lighter in color than most everbearers and should be harvested before fully red. It has good flavor with a large crop that is as early as Evie-2. This variety will perform in warmer climates.



A moderate in day-neutrality, slightly stronger flowering than Albion with a similar production pattern. It is a vigorous plant and may require slightly more space than Albion. This variety does well in organic applications. The fruit from Monterey is slightly larger but less firm than fruits from Albion.

San Andreas

This strawberry variety is a moderate day-neutral with a production pattern very similar to Albion. Plant vigor for San Andreas is somewhat higher than for Albion early in the season, but the berry size  throughout the fruiting season is similar to Albion.


A variety that is exceptionally fertile and because of that repeats fruiting. It can be planted into large pots or boxes, and trained as hanging or climbing. It fruits from mid-July until the autumn. The taste is like wild strawberries. This variety is very easy to grow.


Just Add Cream

One of the most exclusive strawberry varieties with flavor and aroma unlike any other. The plant is a hardy perennial with height up to 30cm (11.8in) and spread up to 50cm (19.7in). It’s perfect for a patio or kitchen garden. Early to fruit, a single plant can produce up to 1kg fruit. The flavor combines the sweetness of home-grown strawberries with the special taste of the wild woodland strawberry.

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