Premium Blueberry

This is our second introduction from the Oregon Blueberry Farms and Nursery ' breeding program, designed to improve quality in the blueberry industry.

Even and large size, better flavour, equal ripening making it easy and quick to pick and great shelf life.


Mid Season Variety

Download our MegasBlue® 'OBF0604' Factsheet

Plant characteristics

  • Semi-spreading and vigourous

  • Harvest 3rd week July to 1st week August in
    Oregon, USA

  • Concentrated ripening window – fully harvested in
    2-3 picks

  • Typical bloom date: 2nd week April to last week April

  • Recommended using several bee species to help

  • 1000+ chilling hours

  • Reported yield: 20-25 tons / hectare

  • Suitable for machine harvesting

Fruit characteristics

  • Large to very large berry size

  • Light blue, mild flavour

  • Firm fruit, small scar

  • Post-harvest quality is similar to Duke

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