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Low-mid Chill Exceptional Quality Blackberry Varieties:

Early season


Columbia Star®

Thornless plant with 600+ chilling hours. High yielding variety - up to 34 tons/hectare that frost hardy (survival tested at -16.6C). Berries with large size and outstanding flavour.

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Loch Ness

The Loch Ness variety is ideal for growing in gardens with limited space and patio pots. The plant can grow to a height up to 200cm (78.7in) and spread up to 250cm (98.4in). It’s a hardy shrub and is known for its longevity. The fruits are firm and glossy-black and the harvesting is from mid-August until the first frosts. Loch Ness is ideal for kitchen gardens, walls and fences, as well as wildlife gardens. It needs to be positioned in full sun.



Natchez is one of our wonderful blackberry varieties with thornless canes and attractive, firm berries with long-shaped bodies. Sweet flavour with distinctive blackberry aroma and high yields.

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Blackberry TinyBlack is a new compact blackberry, a unique of its kind summer blackberry variety. It is early fruiting, completely thornless with an extremely compact growth habit.

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Mid season



Mid-season variety with thornless plants with strong canes. Fruits are black and glossy, easy to pick.The taste is very sweet and low in acidity.

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 late season



If you’re in search of large and juicy blackberries, then Navaho is the right variety to choose. The plant has thornless stems, which make it easy for picking. It has an upright habit and a size up to 200cm (79in) in height and spreading up to 250cm (98in). Navaho is hardy and longevity shrub,ideal for kitchen garden, walls and fences, cottage and woodland gardens. 
Its position needs to be in full sun.

early and late season


Prime-Ark 45®

High yielding plant with medium to large fruits that have excellent post-harvest storage potential. Berries are with high quality and good flavor, well displayed and easy for picking.

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