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New introduction by Plantipp BV and Plants365

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

The next generation patio raspberry is here!

New introduction by Plantipp BV and Plants365

Raspberry Yummy is a new compact variety that is exceptionally easy to grow and maintain. It is multi-branching and grows really low – only up to 60cm in height and 45cm spread, therefore it does not require any support at all! Yummy will start giving you big crops of tasty deep red raspberries in the first year after planting.

Commenting on the launch, Stefan Belakov said:

"Plants365 are very proud to be one of the wholesale suppliers of the new Raspberry Yummy for the UK and Europe! This new raspberry is definitely the next step in raspberry genetics, which target is to meet the growing demand of patio plants for our gardens! Credit to Plantipp BV for their continuous work in looking for innovation for the market.”

For more information and enquiries:

Mobile - +44 (0) 7437612108

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