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Designation of Variety ’Rafzaqu’

An attractive autumn fruiting raspberry for the discriminating palate.


Himbo-Top® is a registered Trademark of Promo-Fruit Ltd under which Promo-Fruit Ltd promotes, markets and licences plants and fruits of the raspberry variety 'Rafzaqu'. (It is registered in Switzerland, as an international trademark and also as a national trademark in a number of other countries.)


Breeding Crossing: Autumn Bliss x 'Rafzeter'


Plant Variety protection: The variety is protected in the EU and most UPOV countries under the generic denomination 'Rafzaqu'. Any propagation and sale of the variety are subject to the signature of a licence agreement with Promo-Fruit or its agents.

Trademark and protection by plant breeder’s rights.  

Owner of the Variety: PROMO-FRUIT LTD. 

Quality assurance

The plants of 'Rafzaqu' are examined every year in a specially arranged test garden for variety, plant vigour, health, yield and fruit quality.

Out of more than 50 plants only the two best are used as "elite"-plants for further propagation. This ensures that the original plant properties are retained or even surpassed.


Growth: Sturdy one-year growth with a height of 1.8 meters forming high shoots with little excess, but always sufficient for a full yield.

Resistance: Even on soils that can be demonstrated to be contaminated with the raspberry root rot fungus (Phytophthora fragariae var rubi), experience to date shows that the 'Rafzaqu' variety remains absolutely healthy.

Maturity: Harvesting normally begins 6-8 days after Autumn Bliss, from early to mid-August and will last for 6 to 8 weeks.

Yields: Well above average - up to 50 percent higher than from well known varieties.

Fruit properties

Fruit: Large, medium-firm to firm, shiny, attractive glowing red, fruit size hardly diminishing until the end of the harvest season. The berries are easily plugged so can be picked very efficiently.

Aroma: Intensive, refreshing raspberry aroma with a high sugar content and a fine acid note.

Use: Suitable for fresh consumption, for fine patisseries, jellies, desserts, and bakery goods. Have a low sugar requirement and hold their shape well when frozen.

Planting and care

Plant in humus-rich, well-drained soil, ideally on a slight slope with compost. Recommended planting distances: between rows 250-300 cm and 40-50 cm within the rows. Because of the heavy yield and the concentrated harvest, 'Rafzaqu' requires a wire framework similar to that used for summer raspberries. In areas with frequent rainfall it is possible to prolong the harvest period by growing under protection.


'Rafzaqu' is a vigorous variety, so fertilizer should be used with caution. It can have a positive effect on stem growth and on the firmness and aroma of the fruit without reducing the yield.
Important: 'Rafzaqu' is an autumn fruiting variety and therefore bears fruit on the primocanes. After harvesting the stems should be cut off at ground level.

Market opportunities / cultivation value

Commercial fruit growing: 'Rafzaqu' is setting new standards in commerical fruit-farming with its firm berries and its attractive, glowing, light red colour (which does not tend to darken), and the great ease with which it can be picked. 'Rafzaqu' has achieved top prices at a number of international fruit markets.

Domestic gardening: 'Rafzaqu' is a clear improvement on previous varieties. The timing of ripening, just after the summer holiday period, is ideal for the amateur gardener. The expense of the necessary wire framework pays off in the greater yield.

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