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Columbia star®

Premium blackberry

This variety shines with great characteristics. The plant is vigorous, thornless with short strong fruiting laterals and 600+ chilling hours. It’s a high yielding variety - up to 34 tons/hectare. The harvest starts in the beginning of July and frost hardy - survival tested at -16.6C.

Berries with large size - 7.6g on average, with dark color and firm fruit. The flavor is outstanding with a high Brix of 12.7%.


Early Season Variety


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Plant characteristics

  • Vigourous, thornless with short strong fruiting laterals

  • Early season, harvest starts beginning of July, 50%
    ripe date 12th July in Oregon, USA

  • 5 days earlier than Black Diamond, more than two
    weeks before Chester

  • 600+ chilling hours

  • High yielding variety - Reported yield: 34 tons / hectare
    in replicated trials

  • Frost hardy - survival tested at -16.6C


Fruit characteristics

  • Large berry size, 7.6g on average, larger than Black

  • Good dark colour and firm fruit, with exceptional shine
    maintained after picking

  • Outstanding flavour with high Brix of 12.7%

  • Fruit has low susceptibility to heat damage

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