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Premium blackberry

Thornless canes, immune to orange rust and double blossom, Natchez is one of our wonderful blackberry varieties. The plant has attractive and very firm berries with glossy look and long-shaped body (8-9g). The flavor is sweet with distinctive blackberry aroma.

It’s important to mention that Natchez has semi-erect growing habits with consistent high yields and the fruit stores very well.


Early Season Variety


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Plant characteristics

  • Long-shaped, glossy and very attractive berries

  • Large berry size (8-9g), which is maintained
    throughout the season

  • Very firm fruit that stores well

  • Sweet flavour with distinctive blackberry aroma


Fruit characteristics

  • Semi-erect growing habbit

  • Thornless canes

  • Immune to orange rust and double blossom

  • Consistent high yields

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